Spike in COVID-19 deaths, cases in Region One


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis in Guyana, Region One has recorded a total of 626 cases. There are 101 active cases in the Region and 24 persons have died.

Regional Health Officer Dr Steve Cheefoon explained during an interview that 10 deaths were actually recorded in Georgetown from patients who were sent for further treatment and the other 13 were recorded in the Region. For October so far, Guyana has recorded 35 COVID-19 deaths of which nine are from Region One.

At the end of the first five months since the country recorded its first COVID-19 death on March 11, there were 20 deaths, but during the months of August, September and October the death toll tripled with a total of 117 deaths to date.

The majority of the patients died while receiving medical care.

There has also been a spike in positive cases in Region One. Dr Cheefoon explained that persons were following the COVID-19 guidelines which resulted in the Region almost being COVID-19 free.

“Persons started wearing their masks and following all the guidelines and we weren’t getting any COVID-19 cases, then they just relapsed into their old ways. It’s human so when they stopped [following the guidelines] we spiked again,” Dr Cheefoon said.

The new cases are not being recorded in the central areas of the Region but in riverain villages such as Kwebana, Manawari, Red Hill and Black Water.

“We have positive patients in the small riverain villages and we are working along with the Joint Services in getting the matter addressed.”

Dr Cheefoon had previously told the News Room the patients who died in Region One were all elderly with underlying health conditions; he said the majority died at home and were tested positive for the virus after their death.

But according to the Ministry of Health data the patients died while receiving medical care at a facility.

The Ministry on Wednesday reported the deaths of three men, ages 80, 68 and 78, from Region One. The Ministry said these persons died while receiving medical care.

On October 18, 2020 a 78-year-old man from Region One died of COVID-19 while also receiving medical care.

Two days before a 48-year-old man from the Region also died. The week before, on October 07, a 58-year-old man also died.

On October 04, two men, both age 56, died while receiving medical care.

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