Police clear roads after protests again erupt at West Berbice villages


The Police have managed to clear the road of tyres and other burning debris after protests erupted again in West Coast Berbice villages; the protests first began in early September after teenagers Isaiah and Joel Henry were found brutally murdered.

Just after noon on Saturday, tires were set alight and the roads were blocked with debris at several points between No. 5 and No.3 villages.

Police have already responded and traffic is once again flowing but work remains to be done to clear the road fully.

The Police Force is vigorously pursuing international help to probe the gruesome murders of the Henry boys and that of Haresh Singh who was killed in the protests that ensued.

The mutilated bodies of the teen cousins were found on September 6 with several chop wounds in the Cotton Tree backdam.

Their gruesome murders sparked violent protests across the country. Three days after the Henry boys were killed, Number Three Village resident Haresh Singh, 17, was discovered in a bloodied state in a rice field on the way to his farm on September 9. He died while on the way to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

The last press statement on the matter was released on October 9 with the police saying it was awaiting a report from the team of the Regional Security System (RSS) which arrived in Guyana on September 28, spent one week assisting local detectives and has since departed.

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  1. Matthew says

    Just ask yourself which losing political party has anything to gain? Why protests erupt immediately after one failed rigging cog or another appeared in court? Slo-fyah, mo fyah……

    Unity Govt?…..not under that leadership.

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