Ferry ‘stuck’ for hours at Parika with over 50 passengers on board


Approximately 50 passengers are stuck on the MV Sabanto since 16:00h on Tuesday after the vessel encountered hydraulic issues at the Parika Stelling, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).

A passenger who prefers to remain anonymous told the News Room that at around 17:00h, workers began pulling up the ramp which is used to gain entry onto the vessel but “it wasn’t going up.”

Subsequently, the passengers were told that the vessel encountered “hydraulic issues.”

The MV Sabanto at the Parika Stelling, East Bank Essequibo [News Room photo/ November 3, 2020]
“Now is 8pm and they told us to bear with them that they trying to rectify the problem,” she told the News Room.

The woman added that there are many persons with their children as young as two years old onboard the vessel which is destined for Supenaam, Essequibo Coast (Region Two).

Further, she said the MV Kanawan is awaiting to go into the port.

The MV Kanawan waiting to go into the port at the Parika Stelling, East Bank Essequibo [News Room photo/ November 3, 2020]
The passenger said the wait is frustrating.

“Some persons do not have transportation if we do get to Essequibo…and we did not get dinner because we were supposed to leave, the latest 4:30pm.

“We are all here feeling very agitated because we don’t know what’s going to happen,” she added.

The ferry is the only transportation for passengers and vehicles between Regions Three and Two with the exception of the speedboats which cease operation at 6pm.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most passengers have opted for the more spacious ferry service.

Efforts to contact the Transport and Harbours Department proved futile.

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