Kwebanna COVID-19 cases stabilising; spikes being addressed in nearby areas


Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, has said while COVID-19 cases in Kwebanna, Barima-Waini (Region One) are stabilising, officials have noticed spikes in neighbouring communities.

During Monday’s COVID-19 update, Minister Anthony reiterated that medical teams were already on the ground to assist the local staff to curb the current situation.

“We have set up medical teams there so that in case anybody deteriorates from maybe the mild form of COVID-19 to the more severe form, we will be able to detect this and take the appropriate action.”

Minister Anthony gave assurances that the teams were ready to tackle emergencies.

“Certainly, we can send additional health personnel from Georgetown if that is required, but at this point, that is not required and the team in the region has been able to provide adequate coverage,” he said.

As of November 1, Kwebanna had 62 active cases. That number had stayed at 61 for several days.

Minister Anthony said that figure should decrease in a week’s time. Testing is still being done and, based on reports, persons have been showing positive signs of recovery. (Department of Public Information)

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