Georgetown businesses count millions in losses after severe flooding


Businesses in Georgetown are counting millions of dollars losses, as well as an interruption to business, due to severe flooding from intense rainfall on Wednesday.

Up until Thursday, businesses were still trying to get rid of accumulated water and see what goods and materials can be salvaged.  Residents of Georgetown also suffered major losses and damages to their homes.

A visit around the City by the News Room saw a number of businesses closed while others remained open and were preparing for another flood.

The National Weather Watch Centre advised that the current weather pattern will continue until Sunday, November 8, while the authorities have been working to ensure pumps and sluices are operating to reduce the risk of flooding.

An employee bails out water from a store (Photo: News Room/November 05, 2020)

Dominique Dolphin, an employee at J’s Enterprise on South Road, Georgetown explained that every time it rains the store is flooded so they took precautions early and packed all goods and products on wooden bars.

“The weather was very tedious and there was a lot of hazard in the water, a lot of time was spent cleaning with a lot of detergents used especially with the coronavirus going on we have to try to be safe as much as possible,” Dolphin said.

Some businesses remain closed (Photo: News Room/November 05, 2020)

A businesswoman on King Street, Nafeesah further explained that she had to dump approximately $500,000 in shoes because of the flood.

“I am really disappointed in the City Council because every time the rain falls the water rises and they should have put measures in place before because yesterday when I came here my store was underwater and I had a lot of damages,” the businesswoman said.

The woman further explained that the store level was raised three times because of the amount of the flood the area experiences.

“The businesses bring revenue into the country and when we are affected in this way there is no way we can go on. I lost like $500,000 because my shoes and my sneakers are $7,000 and $8,000 per pair and when it is soaked underwater for an entire day you cannot sell to customers.”

Flooding in Georgetown on Wednesday (Photo: News Room/November 04, 2020)

Meanwhile, Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha has assured that engineers and technical officers will be working round the clock to ensure all pumps and sluices are functioning in Georgetown and across the country.

The intensity of the downpour on Tuesday night in a short period of time contributed to the severe flooding in the city.

The country is in transition for a secondary rainy season which usually starts mid-November and ends in January.

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