Private Sector united, will continue to take principled stance on national issues – Boyer


The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is assuring the public it is stronger among its membership than it has ever been and its affiliation continues to grow in spite of the stance taken during the five-month delay in the declaration of the March 2, 2020 elections.

During a recent interview with the News Room, PSC Chairman, Nicholas Boyer said that the public can continue to expect the commission to take a principled stance on national issues that affect its membership equality.

The PSC, under the leadership of Captain Gerald Gouveia, was heavily criticised for the stance taken as a body in calling on the then APNU+AFC government to accept defeat in the March elections while it held onto power for five months.

Boyer, who has since taken up the mantle, defended his predecessor and said the position the PSC took was purely on the side of democracy and the rule of law.

Some members of the private sector had broken rank and publicly stated that it was not in agreement with actions taken by Gouveia. Three months after a winner was declared and a new President was sworn in, Boyer now says the PSC is very strong and united.

“There is a focus to improve the way business is done and improve the economy during these COVID times…That is what unites us because we are all equally affected and we are all focused on how we can get out and grow our economy especially with the advent of oil and gas,” he told the News Room.

Boyer said the PSC has not lost any of its members and in fact, has gained members.

“We have certainly gained members from thrust Gouveia made from March coming forward, we even regained members we had lost prior and it’s because of those principled positions,” he added.

As the new Chairman, Boyer said one can expect the see the same kind of leadership from him.

“What attracts people to advocacy bodies like this is that they take principle stances that are in the interest of the nation… Captain Gouveia when he took his stance he was on the side of democracy and the rule of law,” he added.

Boyer has outlined his plan for moving the PSC forward and it rests on three broad principles – inclusivity of all members, transparency to make more persons aware of what the commission does and where it can help, and continuous improvement.

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  1. Matthew says

    You got it Boyer. Thanks for your efforts. Sanctions would have set us back to the ’60’s and once again Hammie would have been King.

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