GDF rank, relatives arrested after beating, choking cop


A member of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and his relatives, who were caught on video beating and choking a Police Constable on Thursday in Georgetown, have been arrested.

Police Headquarters in a statement reported that Staff Sergeant of the GDF, Keron Joseph resisted arrest and assaulted police officer, Constable Cummings on Hadfield Street in the vicinity of the route 43 minibus park in Georgetown.

Joseph’s two relatives, Albert Grant and Paulette Grant were also arrested.

The police report noted that Cummings, along with Constable Giles, were performing duties in the area, when at about 17:00h, Joseph, who was in a heavily tinted car, stopped in the middle of the road and interrupted the free flow of traffic.

Keron Joseph (Snippet taken from thevideo)

The report further noted that the police officer approached the car, told Joseph of the offence and asked him to produce his documents. In a video posted on social media, Joseph was observed refusing to produce his documents and is heard saying: “I don’t have no time with you constable.”

Police said Joseph was asked more than once to produce his documents and after he continued to refuse, Constable Cummings proceeded to arrest him and as a result, he was assaulted and choked by Joseph.

It is alleged that during the commotion, two of Joseph’s relatives, who were in the car, joined him and assaulted both cops.

Keron Joseph and Police Constable Cummings (Snippet taken from the video)

With the assistance of other police ranks, Joseph and his relatives were arrested and taken to the Brickdam Police Station where they underwent a breathalyser test and were found to be above the legal alcohol limit of 35 per cent.

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  1. Matthew says

    Lock em up. The GDF has high standards and very good people but there can be bad apples and they must be removed from the barrel. The GPF has a tough job and does not need this type of disrespect.

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