70 years jail for ‘Deportee’ who killed Parika businessman


Forty-Four-year-old Curt Thomas was on Wednesday sentenced to 70 years imprisonment with the possibility of parole after serving 40 years for murder of 52-year-old Parika businessman, Seeram Singh, who was killed during a robbery in 2016.

Thomas, known as ‘Deportee’, and formerly of Parika, East Bank Essequibo, was sentenced by Justice Navindra Singh at the Demerara High Court, days after a 12-member jury found him guilty of the crime.

He was represented by attorney-at-law, Lyndon Amsterdam while the State is being represented by Prosecutors Tuanna Hardy and Tyra Bakker.

Prosecutor Hardy asked the court to let the sentence be a deterrent to Thomas and others who think that they can rob people of their hard earnings. She also asked the court to let the sentence reflect the nature and gravity of the offence.

Singh’s relative also told the court that they are satisfied with the court’s decision.

Justice Singh started Thomas’ sentence at the base of 60 years and added 10 years since the crime was premeditated.  According to reports, on April 30, 2016, at about 21:00h, Singh was walking along the roadway at Parika Outfall when a man came up from behind and shot him in the back.

After the businessman fell, the shooter reportedly stood over him and shot him to his chest and head before taking away with two of his gold chains. A .32 live round and a bullet casing of similar calibre were found at the scene. The businessman’s wallet, cellphone and gold rings were not taken.

Four days after the murder, Police arrested Thomas, who was positively identified during an identification parade by an eyewitness.  It was noted that gunpowder residue was found after a swab test was done on his hands. Checks at his home also discovered incriminating evidence.

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  1. Matthew says

    it should be a deterrent but somehow these things keep happening.

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