La Penitence woman threatens to sue City Council for $40M payment for ‘maintenance services’


A La Penitence, Georgetown woman is threatening to take the Georgetown Mayor and City Council to court for $40 million she said is owed to her for “maintenance works” in the city, including cutting trees and bushes and cleaning canals.

In a letter from her attorney, dated November 9, 2020, Donna Hartcourt said the Council entered into a one-year agreement with her on December 1, 2017, and she executed works under the contract but has not been paid.

She claimed the agreement was that she would be paid $4 million every four weeks.  Under the contract, she agreed to provide certain maintenance services, including, but not limited to the cutting of trees, bushes and other vegetation from the road shoulders, parapet, avenue, malls, carriageways and the desilting of alleyways and street drains” for the wards of Bourda, North and South Cummingsburg, Durban Park, Lacytown and Stabroek.

The contract, seen by the News Room, was signed by Hartcourt with witnesses Althea Crum-Ewing and Eustace Hartcourt.

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