Police investigates: Baramita woman, 22, drops dead on the way to buy grocery with family


Police say they are investigating the circumstances under which a Baramita woman dropped dead while on her way to do grocery shopping with her husband and two children.

Dead is Vanessa Davis, 22, a housewife and gold miner of Golden City back dam, Baramita.

The woman’s reputed husband, Tishon Thomas, 21, said he left home for work at around 09:50hrs Sunday and returned about 17:00 hrs.

Once he got home, Thomas said he set out with his wife and their two children, aged 6 years and eight months.

“Whilst going along the journey,” police said the woman “complained of severe headache and shortly complained of shortness of breath then collapsed and started to froth.”

After collapsing, the woman was picked up and taken by a relative where she became motionless.

Thomas said he left to seek transportation to the hospital.

On Monday morning, Thomas went to the Baramita Police station and reported the matter.

It was only then, according to the Police, that arrangements were made to take the woman to the health Centre and she was pronounced dead by a Medex at around 11:00 hrs.

Police said they are investigating the death of the woman as they await a post mortem.

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