Authorities to address squatting on Herstelling sea dam


The Ministry of Public Works will utilise an inter-agency approach to address squatting along the Herstelling sea dam, which has led to erosion and other infrastructural challenges.

Minister Juan Edghill, made this disclosure during a walkabout of the East Bank Demerara community on Monday.

“I have asked that the Sea and River Defence Board whose Chairman is Brigadier Gary Beaton… We will have to work out an inter-agency approach of first of all trying to relocate them with the help and support of the Ministry of Housing.”

Squatting has been identified as one of the main challenges affecting the community as it heightens the likelihood of floods there.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill (third right) and a technical team inspect a damaged koker in Herstelling.

Minister Edghill even noted several instances where the squatters erected shacks beyond the sea dam where the high tide meets, endangering themselves.  Many of the persons dwelling along the dam are said to be remigrant Guyanese and Venezuelan migrants, who fled economic hardship in the Bolivarian Republic.

There are also plans to address matters related to two kokers in the area, one damaged, the other abandoned, and the narrow entrance to the scheme, which has been blamed for several accidents.

The Minister was accompanied by a team of technical personnel from the Ministry and the Chairman of the Herstelling/Little Diamond Neighbourhood Democratic Council. (Department of Public Information)

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