Guyanese in Sport on International Men’s Day 2020


To celebrate the contributions and achievements of men and boys to the nation, society and community at large, International Men’s Day is observed every year on November 19.

The theme for International Men’s Day 2020 is “Better health for men and boys”. The theme this year focuses on improvement and enhancement of health and wellbeing of the male population across the world.

The objective to celebrate International Men’s Day is to create awareness about men’s mental health and to look into the important aspects of their life such as social, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The day also highlights discrimination against men and the need to work towards improvement of gender relations and equality. It also is celebrated to create awareness about causes related to men’s mental and physical health.

To mark the occasion, News Room Sport reached out to some Guyanese men in sport.

Wayne Forde- President of the Guyana Football Federation

Wayne Forde- President of the Guyana Football Federation: “As we observe International Men’s Day, the theme for this year could not have been more fitting. We are all confronted by one of the most unprecedented challenges in our lifetime, and that is the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to encourage each Guyanese, young and old, to engage in physical and mental activities that will restore what we may have lost during these past couple of months. It is important that we all return to active life in the most responsible way. I would like to encourage every man and every boy to find ways to re-engage the beautiful game that we so love in the most responsible way. We will survive; we will get through this, but it is important that we do it collectively and in the most responsible way.”

Steve Ninvalle- President of the Guyana Boxing Association

Steve Ninvalle- President of the Guyana Boxing Association: “I would like to join with Guyanese at home and abroad in celebrating International Men’s Day. The theme for this year is “Better health for men and boys” and it could not have been more apposite as it comes in the middle of a global pandemic, COVID-19. International Men’s Day is held to celebrate the achievements and contributions of men and boys and Guyana has a rich history of contributors in sport, business, academics and in other professional fields. In celebrating this day, I would like to urge all Guyanese men and boys to continue where our National Pledge would have led us- to love your fellow citizens and to dedicate your energies towards the happiness and prosperity of this beautiful nation we call Guyana.”

Dillon Mahadeo- Reebok Crossfit Games athlete

Dillon Mahadeo- Reebok Crossfit Games athlete and five-time Guyana Fitness Challenge champion: “Male insecurity is a prevalent thing amongst us all. I personally didn’t want to get stereotyped into the dogma of race and colour so this motivated me to work towards my goal and I’ve just never looked back since then. Being in shape physically puts you in a better state mentally, it boosts your self-confidence, so I would like to encourage everyone to get active, stay active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.”

Steven Jacobs- National cricketer and Businessman

Steven Jacobs- National cricketer and Businessman: “I’m just here to encourage all men, be it grandfathers, fathers, brothers and in general, to be that role model for persons…it could your children, your nephews, your cousins, anybody, people in general. Be that positive role model, be that person someone can look up to try to want to be like or even surpass. Men let’s work together to make it a better place for us and also for future generations.”

Samuel Cox- Golden Jaguars captain

Samuel Cox- Golden Jaguars captain: “I understand the benefits of a healthy, nutritious diet in order for me to have optimal performance on the training pitch and on match days to minimise the risk of injury, to enhance recovery time and of course to maintain a good, healthy body composition. So do yourself a favour, do some research on what the top athletes and footballers eat, see and try what works for you always remember to eat right, drink right and sleep right. Take care. God bless.”

Wayne Dover- National football coach

Wayne Dover- National football coach: “It is important for us to be positive role models for players in the fraternity who look to us to emulate the very things that we do in a positive way. I also want to advice the many coaches out there that it is important that your conduct be spotless, so that we are seen as true role models for these youngsters.”

Akel Clarke- Golden Jaguars goalkeeper

Akel Clarke- Golden Jaguars goalkeeper: “Keeping fit, staying healthy and eating right go hand in hand. They help to improve your playing ability. Also, having a positive mindset helps you to be an exceptional player on the field. Keep active, eat right, stay healthy!”

Narayan Ramdhani- Badminton champion

Narayan Ramdhani- National badminton champion: “Sport has played a great deal in my life; it has allowed me to travel all over the world and make new friends, as well as upping my training and getting a post-secondary education. In Guyana, sport can be a gateway for many athletes to get an education as well upping their training to be the best player they can be.”

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