Reg. 5 credits ‘rigorous’ monitoring for recording lowest number of COVID-19 cases


By Isanella Patoir

Of the ten administrative regions in Guyana, nine of them have been hit with a second wave of COVID-19 infections, while Region Five in the Mahaica-Berbice district has recorded the lowest number of cases.

The administration has created a rigorous monitoring system and Regional Chairman, Vickchand Ramphal, said strong, collaborative support with various stakeholders can be credited for the region’s response to the health crisis.

“The enforcement of the guidelines is something we look at seriously; we have a regional task force that meets on a fortnightly basis whereby we plan and execute programmes that are in keeping with the guidelines of COVID-19,” Ramphal said.

He also explained that the region has a number of outreach programmes, whereby face masks are distributed and residents are educated about the deadly disease.

A recent COVID-19 awareness campaign and mask distribution (RDC Reg 5 Photo)

Region Five was the last region in the country to record positive COVID-19 cases. The first case was recorded in August this year, four months after the pandemic hit Guyana.

Since then, the region has managed to record 36 COVID-19 cases to date with no reported deaths. The region recorded its last positive case on November 12.

COVID-19 testing is done randomly in identified hotspots such as the Bath Settlement and Rosignol markets with the establishment of three rapid response teams.

The Regional Chairman further explained that the Guyana Police Force, the West Berbice Chambers of Commerce and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils all assist regularly with enforcing the COVID-19 guidelines.

“I know that the police are out there doing a wonderful job and on a daily basis, engaging the public, but we have been very cautious and warnings were given to those persons who would have breached the guidelines.”

Police officers in the region also visit bars and other places where persons might gather to ensure all COVID-19 rules are being adhered to.

Residents in Region Five are asked to contact hotline numbers 624-2000, 624-9000, 640-3000 if they experience any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.



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