Rotary Club of Demerara assists fire victim to rebuild home


In June 2020, Seon Williams was one of the persons who lost his place of abode in the Sixth Street, Cummings Lodge, apartment fire, which left 28 persons homeless, eight of whom were from Williams’ family.

The Rotary Club of Demerara (RCD), in keeping with its continued community development and support strategy, recently assisted Williams in rebuilding his life and home in Parfaite Harmonie.

President-elect Carey Griffith spearheaded the project through coordination and securing donations from Rotarians and colleagues.

Apart from monetary contributions, donations were also made in the form of materials, as kind donors contributed towards the construction of the home by providing sand, transportation, electrical supplies and wiring, wood, cement, roofing and bunk beds.

Works ongoing on the new building

During the project, site visits were made on three occasions by the Club to assess the works completed.

“The family began construction of their home in July, and the members of the RCD were able to raise additional funds to complete our support to the project,” RCD said.

This was handed over in the form of a voucher by the President of the Rotary Club of Demerara, Bhageshwar Murli and President-elect Carey Griffith.

“Today, he has a partially completed home, and works are ongoing. The Rotary Club of Demerara was happy to help Seon and his family, and would like to commend him for his inspiring motivation to get his life back on track and to put a roof over his family’s head.  RCD would also like to thank the many donors who stepped up to make a life-changing difference to the Williams family,” RCD added.

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