Siparuta man dies from COVID-19; Toshao mulls lockdown after outbreak


By Isanella Patoir

An elderly man of Siparuta/Orealla, Region Six, died from complications related to COVID-19 at the Skeldon Hospital on Saturday.

The man, said to be in his 80s, will be recorded as the country’s 144th COVID-19 death and the 18th person to die for the month so far.

The village Toshao, Carl Penux, told the News Room that the elderly man suffered a stroke after he was swabbed for the virus in the village, but he died before the results came back positive.

He was transported to the Skeldon Hospital after he suffered the stroke; another person from the village, who tested positive for the virus,was also transported in the same vehicle as the elderly man. The News Room understands that this person also has symptoms of the disease.

Meanwhile, 16 positive COVID-19 cases were recorded in Siparuta on Saturday from 39 tests. The Toshao explained that they are awaiting 44 test results and based on the outcome, the village council will decide whether depending if there will be a full lockdown.

Among the positive cases in Siparuta are elderly residents and two village councillors.

“We are considering a lockdown but when we get the results from the 44 tests and from the testing being done in Orealla today and tomorrow, then we will make a decision.

“If we have the cases spiraling up, then we will definitely institute a lockdown,” the Toshao said.

Orealla, located some seven miles from Siparuta, and governed by the same Toshao, has recorded no positive results from 59 tests.

The Toshao further explained that the village has been receiving support from the Regional Task Force.

“Right now, we have four doctors in the village with persons who came up to sanitize also.”

Mass testing is ongoing in both communities and efforts are being made to prevent residents from travelling between the two communities.

A screening point was also set up at the entrance of the villages.

Testing began in the villages after a student from Siparuta, who returned to school tested positive.

“When school reopened, a few students went out to Corriverton and testing was done on them at the student dorms and from the results one girl was positive and she is from Siparuta and we became concerned because if that girl was positive, her family may also be positive,” the Toshao said.

The Toshao is concerned that persons continue to illegally cross the border into Suriname.

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