Traffic lights to include sound signals for visually impaired


In an effort to make life easier and safer for persons who are visually impaired, the Ministry of Public Works will soon start the installation of acoustic signals at various traffic lights.

The government has already priced the technology for this initiative and will also be improving the sidewalks in the city to cater for this vulnerable group.

Programme Coordinator of the Guyana Council of Organisations for Persons with Disabilities, Ganesh Singh has praised the initiative.

“Sometimes you stand there for a while and people don’t want cross you and stuff like that or if you want to take the chance and cross [the road] alone.

“It is something that we are very excited about and we are looking forward to an implementation,” Singh told the News Room on Tuesday.

Singh explained that a meeting with the Ministry also pinpointed the high traffic areas that persons with a visual impairment would normally use. These include Avenue of Republic, High and Durban Streets, Brickdam and Regent Streets.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill on Monday said the technology will also be installed at the traffic lights at main intersections in the city.

“….they are also users of our roadway and they should not be taken advantage of and they should not be injured,” the Minister said.

The Ministry has also requested the assistance of the Guyana Police Force in monitoring traffic lights to reduce theft of solar panels. Minister Edghill said it is one of the greatest challenges the Ministry faces.

“We have to look at ways with how we install these panels with a greater security mechanism to ensure that they could remain at all times so that we could have these signals up and running,” the Minister said.

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