Suspect caught after robbing Linden couple of over $3.4M


Police have arrested a 30-year-old pork knocker of Wismar, Linden, who allegedly robbed a Mabura, Linden couple of $3.4M in cash, a quantity of raw gold valued G$800,000 and a wedding band valued G$80,000 on Tuesday night.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that the suspect was hiding in some bushes in an area in Mabura; he discharged several shots towards the ranks in an effort to escape but he was subsequently caught.

Police found in his possession a black haversack containing G$2,330,000, a digital scale, two cell phones and one .38 special revolver with five live rounds. Police said the money and cellphones belong the Linden couple.

Police are on the hunt for his accomplice who helped him execute the armed robbery. According to the police, the 49-year-old businesswoman and her 40-year-old husband had just arrived home at about 23:00h when they were confronted by the armed suspect.

He pointed a firearm at the businesswoman and demanded that she hand over her belongings, during which he fired several shots in the air.

The woman handed over the bag with the money and other valuables and the bandit escaped with his accomplice on a black motorcycle.

The couple later discovered that their house was ransacked and two smartphones and a GPS were missing. The police later received information and visited a location in Mabura where they saw a black XR motorcycle without number plates parked in a corner; the suspect was hiding in the bushes.

Police said the black XR motorcycle was identified as the same one that was stolen during an armed robbery at around 19:00h on November 23, from a 30-year-old plant operator of Buck Hall, Wismar Squatting Area.

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