Girl, 14, gives birth after allegedly raped by stepfather


A 14-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped by her stepfather earlier this year, has given birth to a baby girl.

The teen, who suffers from a hearing disability, gave birth in the wee hours of Saturday morning, sparking outrage among medical professionals and family members who are now calling for a thorough police investigation.

The teen’s relatives claim that a police report was made when they first heard of the allegation but no one, including senior police sources, could say what the status of the investigation is, when contacted on Saturday.

The matter is, however, engaging the attention of the Child Care and Protection Agency.

The New Room understands that attempts were made by the child to relate to her mother what had happened but her disability affected communication.

Although the incident and subsequent pregnancy had brought on sickness, the child was reportedly beaten by her stepfather and mother when she made attempts to relate what happened.

She was sent to live with a relative about three weeks ago. Upon her arrival, the relative noticed her swollen abdomen and she was quickly taken to a medical facility where it was confirmed that she was pregnant.

“When she came, she was crying in pain and wasn’t eating. I felt that something wasn’t right, so I took her to get look after and that’s when they said she was 33 weeks pregnant,” the female relative said.

Visibly upset, the woman said when she related the news to the mother and showed her the ultrasound, she continued to deny that her daughter was pregnant.

“The mother should also face charges because I feel that she had to know what happened,” the relative said.

Providing an update on the young mother’s status, a relative told the News Room that she was experiencing severe pains prior to giving birth but is doing well now.

The teen is still being observed at the medical facility where she gave birth.

The relative is calling on the police to ensure that the suspect is arrested and prosecuted.

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  1. Matthew says

    FU**##S sakes…..people;……grab a brain cell, the mother and the stepfather need to be neutered and jailed. Neutered so they have no more urges and jailed so that can experience rape. About 12 years is good for this crime.

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