No specific timeframe for naming of NSC Board- Sport Minister


Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr. said that while a National Sports Commission (NSC) Board will be appointed, no specific timeframe has been set for the appointment of those members.

Names have been put forward, the Minister noted, and those submissions are engaging the attention of Cabinet.

“We are also monitoring what is it the Sports Commission, the Commission itself, which is the Board, what was it that they did over the last five years. Quite frankly, what’s been a little bit disappointing and also concerning for me as somebody who has to appoint another Board, is if you had a Board that hasn’t done anything then you’ve got to get to the bottom of why it hasn’t done anything before you start making hurried decisions about what is going to be done,” Ramson Jr. explained on Saturday.

Accountability, the Minister highlighted, is a key factor in the decision-making process. The NSC usually receives a subvention through the Ministry to execute its programmes.

“The body has to be accountable. Having said that, I’m the Minister responsible for having the allocation being done, which means I have to be able to account as well for the subvention they receive,” he said.

Ramson Jr. noted that the “appropriate appointments” would be made once the Ministry is “satisfied” the way is clear to make the appointments.

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