Berbice woman loses second son to accident


A Berbice woman, who was seriously injured in an accident that left her teen son dead in March 2016, is now again mourning the death of another son due to accident.

On Sunday night, Latchmie Armogan’s 26-year-old son Ganesh Ramlakhan was struck off his bicycle as he was heading to work. Ramlakhan worked as a sluice operator. He was married with three children.

Mrs Armogan, called Sharmilla, was left in a state of shock. All she could muster up the courage to say was that tears cannot bring back her son.

On March 8, 2016, a drunk driver crashed into Mrs Armogan and her 16-year-old son Joshua Ramlakhan as they were walking home. Joshua Ramlakhan died of the injuries he received, but Mrs Armogan survived, only now to have to deal with losing another son to an accident.

Police reported that on Sunday night, a motor van, driven by a 47-year-old man, was proceeding east along the northern roadway at Bramfield public road when he claimed Ganesh Ramlakhan, who was proceeding in the opposite direction, swerved into the path of his vehicle.

The driver said he attempted to swerve to avoid a collision but the right side rearview mirror

came into contact with Ramlakhan’s left arm. As a result, he fell onto the road and received injuries about his body.

Ramlakhan was picked up in a conscious state and taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital and later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he died early Monday.

Police said the driver is in police custody assisting with the investigation.

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