Linden teen that drowned at Linden’s Blue Lake could not swim, sister almost drowned – former Guardian


Fifteen-year-old Trevon Atkins, a student of Wisburg Secondary School in Linden who died at Linden’s Blue Lake could not swim, his former guardian Andrea Lacon has told the News Room.

Atkins went under on Saturday at about 17:30h when he went to the lake with his 17-year-old sister and four other relatives.

Relatives, along with the assistance from the Guyana Police Force, searched throughout the night into Sunday until his body was found at about 11:00 hrs.

“His sister and four others they went to swim and she claimed that she went on his back in the water and he started to vomit and she held on to his neck as he started to go down.

“She was going down too and she managed to get save and by time they go to his recuse he was already gone…he couldn’t swim,” Lacon told the News Room on Monday.

Lacon explained that Atkins and his sister lived with her for a number of years at her Block 22 home. In March this year, the siblings moved back to Prosville, Wismar with their biological mother.

“I am not related to him, his mother lived two minutes from me but she had nine children…and they ended up living with us; they go to school and everything.

“He moved away in March because a sister was pregnant and his stepfather was ailing and his mother asked to let him go and assist and his sister left little after.”

The woman said the teen would still visit her. She said he last visited on Thursday last.

“He came and he was eating and we were talking and he was giving me the rundowns.”

When schools closed in March due to COVID-19, Atkins gained employment as a porter in the mining town.

Police Headquarters in a statement revealed that Atkins encountered difficulties while in the water and he subsequently went under.

Police said no marks of violence were seen on the exposed parts of his body.

The teen was taken to the Linden Hospital Complex and pronounced dead.






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