$14.9M Well for Port Kaituma, over 200 households to benefit


Over 200 households from Pittsburg to Four Miles in Port Kaituma, Region One will soon benefit from first-time access to potable water with the drilling of a new well by the contracted company, Foxx Services to the tune of approximately GY$14.9M.

On Sunday, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, a team from the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), and regional officials visited the site where the well is being drilled to assess the advancement.

In addition to the drilling of the well, some six kilometres of pipelines are currently being laid in the communities and over 200 individual service connections are being installed. This will afford the residents access to water on their premises.

This project is being executed in close collaboration with the Matarkai Neighbourhood Development Council (NDC), which is providing support in the laying of the pipelines.

Meanwhile, the subject Minister and his team on Monday visited the Mabaruma District where rehabilitation works are ongoing to increase the hours of water supply to residents.

Rehabilitation works are being done at the Mabaruma pump station as well as expansion works at the Mabaruma spring to allow for the capturing of 50% more water for distribution to residents.

Works are also being done to widen and deepen water springs at Barbina and Waina to increase the volume of water provided to residents for increased hours.

The Spring box which is being rehabilitated in Mabaruma (Photo: GWI)

The residents of Mabaruma, Barbina and Waina currently receive water for between four to six hours once or twice per week. These works will allow GWI to increase the hours of water supply to 12 hours daily.

Renovation works are also being done to the overhead storage in the district since the metal tank which existed was porous and therefore non-functional. Six new tanks are being installed to provide adequate water to all government buildings in Central Mabaruma, including the Regional Hospital and school.

While in the region, Minister Croal also took the opportunity to hand over an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) for use in Matthew’s ridge. Prior to this, the officer there relied on private and other means of transportation which proved costly for the company.

The procurement of this ATV, which carries a cost of $1.9 M, will allow him to effectively carry out his duties. (Modified press release from GWI)

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