Lockdown lifted in St Cuthbert’s Mission

─ monitoring continues at Siparuta, Bartica and Amelia’s Ward


The lockdown has ended in St. Cuthbert’s Mission but the Ministry of Health will continue to monitor the community as a few active COVID-19 cases remain there.

Minister Dr. Frank Anthony said people are still vulnerable and should continue to observe the precautionary measures.

“If precautions aren’t taken, we can see infection rates go up again,” he said, during Monday’s COVID-19 update.

Dr. Anthony said residents now have a better understanding and appreciation for the precautionary measures as a result of the COVID-19 education campaign.

“We felt confident that we can lift the lockdown and we want to thank the Joint Services, the Village Council and all the persons who would have worked with the health team to ensure we reduced the numbers drastically.”

Meanwhile, there is continuous monitoring in Siparuta. “The Village Council has imposed some travel restrictions in terms of bringing down the numbers, decreasing contacts with other people to prevent spread. So those are good measures,” Dr. Anthony said.

The Ministry is also concerned about 66 cases in Bartica, Region Seven. A team is on the ground there supporting the local health authorities.

A small spike has also been recorded in Amelia’s Ward, Linden and the area is also being monitored closely. (Reproduced from Department of Public Information).

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