Training facility a possible ‘bubble’ option for encampment, says GFF President


By Akeem Greene

The Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF) National Training facility at Providence could potentially be ‘bubble’ for National teams to encamp full time and train ahead of international fixtures.

This is according to GFF President, Wayne Forde. Given that football is a contact sport, it creates complex issues with regards to the measures in place for COVID-19, quite unlike non-contact disciplines.

There is a growing trend of having sportsmen and women in a bio-secure environment, commonly called a bubble, ahead of matches and tournaments.

Forde had previously told News Room Sport that it is impossible for football to played in a bubble in Guyana.

He was referring to competitive action; however, there is an option of using the facility at Providence to encamp players and all necessary support start full-time and cut their access to the general public for the duration of training.

“With the dorms being fully functional and furnished, we can actually if we need to bring a team in. I don’t think the facilities will be adequate for the senior men’s national team; we have designed it where we can safely do U-20 all the way down, but it may be a compromise we might have to make,” Forde explained.

He added, “We might not be able to keep the national team in a hotel because it may be too costly and may not be practical because it is a very busy place as well. We will have a facility for a team for whatever period we will want and they will have everything they need to prepare properly.”

Lights will also be in place soon at the facility, which will allow for night training.

The initial curfew measures in Guyana hampered the construction process, but Forde indicated when it is completed, Guyana will have the access to best resources to prepare.

“We have made significant investment in technical equipment. The sports science end of what will be doing at the facility will be improved tremendously. Our national team programme is going to be very likely one of the best in the region in another couple of months.”

The multi-million-dollar facility was commissioned in May 2019 and has gradually seen significant improvement.

The intention was to complete the first two phases by 2020, which include lights, stands, dorms and washrooms. Other aspects of the facility will include dormitories, kitchen services, a gym and pool.

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