Crabwood Creek residents protest for removal of NDC Chairman


Residents of Crabwood Creek, East Berbice Corentyne on Monday protested the office of the Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) calling for the removal of the NDC Chairman and the overseer.

The protest, which started at around 8:00h quickly escalated as persons lit tyres across the public road, briefly disrupting traffic, but police managed to quell the fire and clear the roadway.

The tyre was lit on the roadway [News Room photo/ December 7, 2020]
The residents are contending that the Chairman, Teerbhawandat Arjun, who has been at the helm of the NDC for 13 years, is refusing to fix their issues.

A resident, Razeeka Singh, accused the Chairman of being a dictator, noting that he only looks after a select few. The woman said residents are oftentimes turned away when they approach the NDC with their complaints.

Residents protest the Crabwood Creek NDC [News Room photo/ December 7, 2020]
“We want a just, humble and kind leader. We don’t want a dictator. We need someone who will serve everyone regardless of their faith, position, or connection with someone in authority,” Singh told the News Room.

Another resident, Husan Ally of Well Tank, Crabwood Creek, pointed out that one of the recurring issues is flooding, which is as a result from blocked drainage canals, but several complaints to the NDC fell on deaf ears.

He also criticised the condition of roads in the community.

“One day [I] come and tell the Chairman tractor and truck ah drive and break up the streets, the street has big holes and he asks me what he can do?. If you are the chairman, you have to go see what is the problem. Or you gonna sit down in your office and ask what you gonna do?”, the frustrated resident stated.

Geeta Ramdass, another resident on the protest line, also called for a change in leadership. Ramdass explained that in addition to issues stated previously, there are dilapidated bridges and improper garbage disposal.

When contacted, the Chairman refuted the allegations. Arjun said he is working in accordance with the laws of the country and try to do as much as he can for the community with the resources that are available.

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