Re-elected Mayor Ubraj Narine ready to work with PPP Gov’t


APNU+AFC Coalition member Ubraj Narine was re-elected Mayor of Georgetown on Monday and on the top of his agenda is to work with the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) administration for the development of the city.

Narine told reporters that he is ready to put politics aside and work with the government.

“I am willing to work with the government, stop playing politics and let us get on with the developments of the city and the lives of people are very important in this crucial time.

“I will stand very firm as Mayor to represent this city and I will do so without fear or favour,” Narine said.

Alfred Mentore who served as Narine’s deputy was also re-elected to the post.

The election was held in City Hall’s compound on Monday where both Narine and Mentore ran for re-election unopposed, receiving 18 votes each.

The four PPP councilors present abstained from voting.

Narine and Mentore have been serving in their respective capacity since November 30, 2018; they were re-elected as well in December 2019.

Following the election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, members of the Finance Committee were also elected. Oscar Clarke was elected as chairman while Ivelaw Henry was elected the vice-chairman. The other committee members elected are Clayton Hinds, Heston Bostwick, Yvonne Ferguson and Alfred Mentore.

L-R: Elected Chairman of the Finance Committee, Oscar Clarke, Ubraj Narine and Deputy Mayor Elect Alfred Mentore (Photo: News Room/December 07, 2020)

The Mayor says he welcomes the request for an audit into the operations of the council by Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall.

“We can give account since I took office of every dollar that government give to us…I can give account,” he assured.

The Mayor said a number of policies will be the focus of 2021 which includes the refurbishing of City Hall and the redevelopment of the Stabroek Market Square.

“Policies what we are focusing on…a surplus policy, assets registry policy, as well the new building by-laws which is with the engineer association…so there is a lot of development,” Narine explained.

The Mayor also called for better engagement and consultations from the government. He said there are works ongoing in the city by central government of which the council was never notified of.

Meanwhile, the Mayor further called for the government to implement a reuse and recycle plan to deal with the solid waste issue.

“We believe landfill will cause harm to our water, our environment and diseases can also emerge from landfill, I believe the way to go is clean up and green up, we need a recycle plan in our country, we need a national solid waste management plan,” Narine said.

As it relates to taxes, the Mayor said that businesses, government agencies, and residential areas currently owe the Council over $8B.

In noting credible achievements over the past two years, Mayor Narine revealed that the Council has been up keeping payments to the credit union and the $32M garbage bill is now down to approximately $15M.


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