Corentyne couple tied up, beaten during robbery


A 49-year-old labourer and his wife were on Sunday morning tied up, beaten and robbed of US$500 and two cellphones valued $102,000.

The incident occurred at around 6am.

Police in a statement on Tuesday said 44-year-old Bibi Bhoelan, and her husband, Abdoelkajoem Bhoelan were at a pipe in their yard at #76 Village, Corentyne Berbice when she noticed three men coming from a southern direction into the street.

The men ran into the yard; one was armed with a black handgun, one with a cutlass and the third with a knife. The men also had rags partly covering their nose and mouth.

The woman told investigators that the bandits carried them into the lower flat of the house and demanded cash and jewellery.

The bandits with the cutlass and knife dealt the couple several lashes about their bodies and took the US currency from a cupboard in the kitchen.

The armed men then took the couple to the upper flat where they tied their feet and hands and blindfolded them with multicoloured pillowcases.

Abdoelkajoem mentioned that he managed to untie his feet and ran out to his veranda where he raised an alarm.

As a result, the suspects grabbed the two cellphones and made good their escape.

Police said no one has been arrested thus far.

Investigations are ongoing.

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