Guyana votes ‘yes’ to reject fraudulent elections in Venezuela


As a member of the Organization of American States (OAS), Guyana has joined with the regional body to reject what it considers fraudulent elections in neighbouring Venezuela.

The announcement that Guyana voted “yes for democracy” was first made by the United States Embassy in Georgetown.

In a Facebook post, the Embassy said: “It is time for a peaceful, democratic transition in Venezuela. The United States and the international community share an obligation to demonstrate and provide support for the Venezuelan people as they strive to reclaim their democracy.”

With 21 votes in favour, two against, five abstentions and six absent, the Permanent Council of the OAS on Wednesday approved the resolution “Rejection of the Parliamentary Elections held on December 6 in Venezuela.”

Guyana is among the 21 states that voted in favour of the resolution. Guyana is also currently embroiled in a border dispute with Venezuela, which is currently before the International Court.

“It is important for the OAS and the world to recognize the fraudulent Dec. 6 elections as the latest act in the playbook of the Maduro regime to undermine and ultimately destroy democracy in Venezuela,” said the resolution, which was presented by Brazil and supported by Canada.

Mexico and Bolivia voted against the resolution while five countries abstained, including Argentina, which has not recognized the results of the elections.

Traditional allies of the Venezuelan government such as Nicaragua, Antigua and Barbuda decided to absent themselves to protest a meeting of the Permanent Council that they said was “improperly” convened.

President Nicolas Maduro’s party won in Venezuela’s legislative elections, which were boycotted by the main opposition parties.

The boycott was led by opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has announced that he will hold a referendum in which he will ask Venezuelans whether they accept the results of the National Assembly elections and whether they want a change of government.

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