Man struck down and killed on his way to buy ‘pine tart’


A 39-year-old man, who left his house to purchase pastries, died after a minibus struck him off his bicycle on the Springlands Public Road on Sunday at around 11:30hrs.

Dead is Purshotam Tilak called “Navin”; he resided with his mother, who is a live-in caretaker of an elderly man at Albert Street, Kingston, Corriverton. The News Room understands that Tilak was a great help to his mother in assisting to care for the bed-ridden man.

An eyewitness told the News Room that Tilak was making his way out of the street while the minibus was proceeding at a fast pace heading north on the western carriage way.

Police at the scene of the accident on Sunday

“I heard a loud bang and then see the man sliding on the road. When I reach to him, he was bleeding through his ears and nose and got bad bad head injuries; so the police, which was right next door, picked him up and take him to the hospital,” the eyewitness said.

The eyewitness further added: “It look like the man run into the bus, but the busman supposed to be on his level; this is a town and he was coming with a speed cause when I questioned him he say he was late for a cricket match.”

Meanwhile, Tilak’s mother, Chitranie Samlall, noted that while she was at the police station, the driver expressed remorse and told her he will assist with anything she needs.

Samlall told the News Room that her son left earlier in the day to purchase chicken and later returned, during which, he assisted her for a while and then left to go out to buy “pine tart” for the elderly man.

Through tears, the woman recalled that about an hour later, she received a message from one of his friends that he was involved in an accident and she should go to the hospital.

“When I reach hospital, he was already dead; he was bleeding from his head a lot,” the distraught mother said.

The grieving mother said her son was very helpful and caring and she still cannot believe he is gone.

“Mommy meh go come back just now, meh ah go buy cake for Poopa”, were his finals words before he left the house.

The driver remains in police custody assisting with the investigation.

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  1. Matthew says

    The roads are not a closed circuit… cannot predict the other guy and as a result you must cater for it and drive slowly in areas where people shop and gather.

    Do doubt an accident but also no doubt it could have been avoided.

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