Teen boy drowns, friends rescued at Windsor Forest


A fishing trip among friends turned deadly on Sunday after a 17-year-old boy reportedly drowned and his friends – two brothers – were rescued at Windsor Forest, West Coast Demerara.

Fear dead is Surendra Singh; his family is frantically searching for his body.

Singh’s sister, Anna Mohammed told the News Room that he went out to set a line to catch fish with the two brothers – ages 16 and 17, at about 09:00h.

“He went out to set a line out in the river to catch fish, however the water was waist high and by time they could reach out and finish setting the line, the tide raise,” the distraught sister told the News Room on Sunday via telephone.

According to Mohammed, while swimming back to shore, the teens encountered difficulties with the tide.

One of the brothers managed to reach the shore and upon looking back for the others, he saw them ‘fighting up’ and as a result, he called out for help.

The sister said security guards from nearby, along with her father, rushed to their assistance.

“Within that period of time, my father reach and got a boat and went out but he couldn’t see my brother, but they were able to save the other boy,” Mohammed said.

The family is still searching for Singh and plans to continue the search until his body is found. The teen brothers were placed in the back of a police van and escorted from the scene.

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