Hugo Chavez Centre to provide free drug rehab services


Persons struggling with substance abuse will soon be able to access free treatment at the Hugo Chavez Centre for Rehabilitation and Re-integration in Onverwagt, West Coast Berbice.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud said the government will restructure the centre to provide drug rehabilitation services, in keeping with its original mandate. This will be the first such programme initiated and funded by the State.

She said the facility had been underutilised over the years and had, instead, been used to accommodate indigent persons.

“It was intended for drug rehabilitation and so, I have done a full tour of that place so it will be refurbished in the areas that need refurbishing and it will be repurposed for drug rehabilitation,” the Minister said.

Dr Persaud added that her ministry, in collaboration with the Attorney General Chambers, will be launching a ‘mega’ programme to deal with all facets of drug rehabilitation. Engagements have already been held with Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs. Mohabir Anil Nandlall on the matter.

“So, we do take the whole issue of substance abuse very seriously and that mushrooms out into a lot of other problems in our country so, it is taking a hands-on approach in dealing with that issue.”

The ultimate goal is to help addicts transition back into society.

While the initiative is a first for the Government, the administration provides annual subventions to the Salvation Army’s Drug Rehabilitation Centre, which offers rehabilitation and readjustment programmes to alcohol and drug addicts. (Modified from DPI)

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