Texila American University offers range of packages for Coursera students


The Texila American University is now offering a range of packages for persons who study with Coursera. Persons who completed courses can now apply for credit exemptions; they are also now pre-qualified, can benefit from a reduction in fees and be allowed to write final exams with the Texila American University.

“We have been following the progress of the Coursera in Guyana, which is phenomenal. These are four opportunities we are introducing for persons who have a background in Coursera programmes,” the University’s Assistant Registrar, Sreebalakumar, announced on Tuesday at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development, Kingston, Georgetown.

The Texila American University offers bachelors and masters in public health and business programmes and persons can now register for the March 2021 semester intake.

The University’s Assistant Registrar, Sreebalakumar (Photo: News Room/December 15, 2020)

For persons interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), the Coursera course, with a minimum of four-credits, can be used as prequalification for admission to the university; credit exemptions are also offered for the BBA or Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) programmes. As it relates to the final exam package, students can take the exam using the defined credits of Coursera, while a reduction in fees is offered with the BBA and BPH programmes.

Some 51, 000 Guyanese have registered for the Coursera programme of which 32, 912 were issued certificates. The Private Sector Commission (PSC), over a month ago, also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministries of Education and Public Service to recognise certificates from persons who completed the Coursera programme.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, on Tuesday urged other universities in Guyana to follow in the footsteps of Texila.

“I would hope the University of Guyana is going to pay attention and see how they too can use these courses that Guyanese citizens have done and have graduated in and determine how that could enhance what they offer as a university.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand (Photo: News Room/December 15, 2020)

“I would like to commend Texila for leading the way here; you are a shining example of what others can do,” the Minister said at the event.

She stated that the Coursera programme has also extended the deadline to December 31, to be registered and persons have until March 31, 2020, to complete the programme.

The Government of Guyana is working with several universities, including the Indira Ghandi University, the University of the West Indies and the University of Guyana, to build a scholarship programme that will offer online learning opportunities for 20,000 Guyanese.

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