DPP orders psychiatric evaluation of mother who brutalised daughter, 6


The Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has advised the police to facilitate the process for 25-year-old Drupattie Balkarran, called “Natasha”, to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after she reportedly confessed to beating her 6-year-old daughter in the head with a piece of wood and dumping her in a swampy area.

The incident occurred on December 13, about 500 feet away from the mother’s Goed Bananen Land, East Canje house. The News Room understands that Balkarran is expected to be placed on cash bail on Wednesday night, since the 72 hours detention period expired.

Commander of ‘B’ Divison, Jairam Ramlakhan said a file was sent to the DPP for advice Wednesday, following which the psychiatric evaluation was ordered. As such, arrangements have been made for this to be done on Friday, after which another file will be sent to the DPP.

Six-year-old Jenita Ramsarran, known as “Shania”, was found battered and covered in mud in a swamp by her grandfather.  The child sustained a fractured skull, among other injuries, and was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

She has finally regained consciousness and was removed from the ICU.

“It’s a miracle she survived”

“It‘s a real miracle, it’s a lot of prayers that made my daughter pull through,” were the words of Steve Ramsarran, the father of the child.

Speaking to the News Room, from his daughter’s bedside, Ramsarran said his heart sunk when he lifted his firstborn’s almost lifeless body and rushed her to the hospital on Sunday last.

He recalled he spoke with her in the morning and indicated that he will pick her up around 12:30h. The emotional father said his daughter was excited and sounded happy when she answered the phone.

“She said ‘daddy you coming for me? You coming to carry me by my sister?’ I told her I am coming at 12:30, so she said ‘alright daddy’.” At around 12:46h, when Ramsarran called the landline to say he is close by to collect Shania, the grandmother answered and was most shocked when she learnt that he is now picking her up.

The area where little Shania was found

He recalled that when he turned into the dam, he saw a number of persons were checking and calling for his daughter and he became alarmed.

“I see the mother look like she gon faint, like when you get blackout. I see she operating like that, but I know what’s it like when you faint and that did look like drama so after searching for a while, I tell the mother let’s go to the station.”

While at the police station, the mother sat on the bench and Ramsarran said he saw a patrol vehicle and he immediately stopped and begged for assistance, indicating that his daughter is missing.

He noted that the police ranks did not hesitate and assisted in taking him to the scene.

“I see the grandfather stumbling  coming with something in his hand, so I decided to run down the dam and when I see my daughter covered from head to toe with mud, in his hands, I just grabbed my daughter from him and jumped in the police jeep and we rushed her to the hospital.”

He said: “she got knock on her left side arm by the elbow, she got three buss in her head back – about four inches each; her eyes are swollen, her right side-eye on top had a buss, her face swell up.”

As of Wednesday, the father who has barely left her bedside reported that Shania is recovering slowly and is now in the children’s ward. He said she recognises him and is trying to speak slowly.

“Neighbours knew of the abuse”

Meanwhile, Ramsarran expressed disappointment that neighbours who knew of the abuse, never made an attempt to contact him. The father said if he had any idea that his daughter was constantly beaten by the mother, he would have prevented this tragedy.

“I want know these neighbours know this going on all the time. Why didn’t they tell me? I could have save my daughter, this could have been avoided. It’s not like they don’t know me; meet me on the road or try to get my number or something. I could have prevented this. One phone call it would ah take.”

Ramsarran said he will make efforts to get full custody of his daughter.

“I don’t want my daughter go around her. I fear for my daughter life with her. This is an eye-opener and I have to take this opportunity to always protect her,” the father said.

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