Statement by Top Cop on arrest of Henry family


See below the full statement issued by Commissioner of Police (ag), Nigel Hoppie on the arrest of Colwyn Henry and his mother, Gail Johnson:

The Guyana Police Force has just seen a statement posted by attorney Mr. Nigel Hughes on his Facebook page, grossly misrepresenting the apprehension and subsequent arrest of Mr. Colwyn Henry, which took place at 20:00hrs, this evening, by police officers conducting a routine road block in front of the Sparendaam Police Station on the Rupert Craig Highway.

The facts of the matter are as follows:

A sliver grey car, registration number PWW 501, travelling in an easterly direction, on the northern carriageway was stopped at the road block. The vehicle was occupied by the driver and two passengers, two males and a female. The police officer conducted a search of the car with nothing of evidential value being found in the vehicle or on the occupants of the car.

The driver when asked to produce his driver’s license and identifying documents was unable to produce his driver’s and revenue license and gave his name as Colwyn Henry and address as lot 32 Cotton Tree, West Coast, Berbice.

Mr. Henry was instructed to park his car in front of the Sparendaam Police Station, in accordance with established police procedures which require the driver to be prohibited from further driving the vehicle, at which time he became exceedingly abusive to the police officer including the use of threatening violence against the police officer.

When Mr. Henry was instructed to get out of the car in order to be escorted to the police station, he refused to do so and violently resisted arrest.

The female passenger, subsequently identified as Mr. Henry’s mother, Gail Johnson, then attacked the police officer in the course of their arresting and escorting, Mr. Henry into the police station.

In the course of subduing Mr. Henry and Ms. Johnson, the police officer suffered injuries to his face and arm and the police Sergeant assisting in the arrest, suffer damages to his clothing.

Mr. Henry continued to make violent threats against the police officers threatening to have them killed.

Mr. Henry and Ms. Johnson were placed into custody and subsequently placed on $15,000 cash bail. Approximately 30 minutes after Mr. Henry and Ms. Johnson were placed under custody, attorney Mr. Nigel Hughes presented himself at the Sparendaam police station when a statement was taken from Mr. Henry in his presence.

The Force wishes to remind citizens that it remains committed to its mandate as set out in the Constitution of Guyana and Chapter 16:01 of the Laws of Guyana, as it seeks to provide a service that guarantees the safety and security of every person within our country.

Police investigations are continuing into the matter.

Released by:

Public Relations Department 

Force Headquarters

  1. Matthew says

    Here is my two cents. I was stopped at roadblock and because I had changed clothes and forgot DL at home I had no DL. The officer ask me to go to the Ruimveldt Station nearby and park. I did and went inside. They gave me a lecture and allowed me to go in a hire car and get my licence and come back and present it, whereupon another short lecture about the law and I was on my way. It was professional & legal and I was grateful as I was in the wrong.

    Maybe the stress the Henry family is under right now contributed to them behaving badly to the GPF, but this attitude by any of the citizens that the GPF can be abused MUST STOP……..

    And as to the tribalist lawyer/mathemetician…….you Sir are not helping the situation.

  2. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    With so many cellphone cameras and police cameras around how come we are still getting misrepresentation of facts?

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