Basketball AGM held Virtually with focus on implementing new strategy


The Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) Annual General Meeting was for the first time held Virtually, with member Associations and Affiliate members for the 2020 edition by videoconference last weekend.

The AGM was co-chaired by GABF President Michael Singh and the GABF General Secretary Patrick Haynes with GABF Executive Board in attendance.

Singh began the proceedings by addressing the unique circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented the AGM taking place physically this year.

The GABF reacted swiftly when the COVID-19 pandemic became a crisis, cancelling events and rescheduling others, while preparing a detailed roadmap for return to action later on. The GABF has also been in consultation with all stakeholders and taking into account the health of participants.

“The pandemic has hit the whole world and our societies in a way we could never imagine 10 months ago,” Haynes said.

“Sport is no exception and we have all been struggling to support basketball in Guyana; to support our athletes to prepare for the upcoming Basketball World Cup Qualifies, youth qualifiers and other National competitions; and of course also to support and help the different sub associations- Berbice, Georgetown and Linden, and our affiliates, namely the coaches and officials councils.”

The AGM was presented with reports by the President (Year in review) and Vice-President of Marketing Alex Graham presented the new strategy for the creation of a Marketing Commission that will be tasked with the responsibilities of sponsorship, marketing, corporate identity and the rebranding of the GABF, including its digital assets and events.

Technical Coordinator Junior Hercules presented the roadmap for return to play, utilising the guidelines provided by FIBA, the international governing body.

General Secretary Haynes presented the GABF Strategy 2019-2027 with focus on the three main priorities: Empowering Sub-Associations, Women in Basketball and enlarging the GABF family.

The strategic roadmap includes developing youth basketball, continuing to build 3×3 basketball, reshaping national club competitions, building a center of excellence for the GABF national club championship (MECCA), and creating sustainable financial growth.

Haynes later updated the members on regional and international activities outlined by FIBA, including the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifiers and the 2021 FIBA 3×3 AmeriCup Qualifiers, planned for 2021, along with the Women in Basketball initiative by FIBA Americas – Adelante Women’s Forum and the increased allotment of FIBA Game Officials for Guyana.

“The GABF is strengthened by the work done in each of the regions in Guyana, our commitment is to their empowerment and it was important to have the opportunity to listen to their specific set of circumstances and exchange ideas to maximise growth,” Haynes said.

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