One Laptop Per Family initiative to be re-introduced in 2021—President Ali


President Irfaan Ali has announced the re-introduction of the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) initiative.

The Head of State told residents of Kato in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) today that the programme would re-start in 2021 with the aim of placing Guyanese on par with the rest of the technological world.

The issuing of laptop computers would go hand-in-hand with access to the internet, which the President indicated is earmarked for interior locations.

“Next year we will also restart the One Laptop Per Family programme to ensure that every child has the opportunity to not only be connected to the hub but has the instrument through which they can pursue their studies.”

President Ali noted that technology is important in an advanced world and that Guyana would not be left behind.

“The pandemic has taught us how important it is to be in line with technology…And we have to increase our investment to bring greater technological access through our hinterland and riverine areas.”

The President, who had journeyed to Kato to assess the needs of its residents, told the gathering that they will soon benefit from an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hub.

“I’m very happy to report to you that very soon, we will commence the building of your ICT hub and put the infrastructure in that hub, so that you will have access to good internet facilities and you can pursue the opportunities that comes with that.”

The One Laptop Per Family programme was launched in January of 2011 with the aim of providing ‘at-home’ Information and Communications Technology to tens of thousands of Guyanese families. (Office of the President Press Release)

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