ECD residents recovering from heavy flooding


Residents of Hope, East Coast Demerara woke up to their homes and yards flooded on Wednesday morning, days before Christmas. A resident, Bibi Adhin told the News Room that this is the first time the community has experienced this level of flooding and according to her its due to poor drainage and irrigation. As such they are calling on the authorities to fix the issue before there is any recurrence.

“We don’t usually get this flood cause our yard is high but the reason why the whole community was flooded because there is one main canal to drain the water. But someone is making drains in the canal and it blocked the canal and that is why the reason the area was flooded.

“That’s a major concern, the drainage,” Adhin said.

Inside a flooded Hope, ECD home

She explained that the water has begun to recede but residents are counting losses with livestock, damages to homes and businesses that were under water for hours.

Fortunately for Adhin and her family there are no major damages. She explained that they awoke just in time to “get our fridge raised and picked up the other stuff.”

“Everybody is affected cause the place is messy and you cannot move,” Adhin said.

Over the next few days persons are being urged to be on the alert for flooding, landslides, damage to sea defences and overtopping by the Hydromet Office.

Additionally, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) are encouraging persons to call the National Emergency Monitoring Centre 24 hour hotline on 226 – 1114, 600 – 7500 or 623- 1700 if they experience floods.

Businesses affected by flood in Georgetown can also arrange to uplift free sand-filled bags from the CDC’s Thomas Lands location.


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