Prisons search unearths ganja plant, tattoo machines among other items


Searches by ranks of the Prisons Service and Police Force at the New Amsterdam Prison and Lusignan Prison have unearthed a number of illegal items, all of which were confiscated.

At the New Amsterdam Prison the following items were discovered during the search on Tuesday;
•1,045 grams of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis
•15 Cell phones
•several lighters, wires, earpiece, phone chargers
•a quantity of razor blades
• 3 mirrors and a tattoo machine.

Meanwhile, over at the Lusignan Prison, the following items were discovered;

•A quantity of improvised weapons.
• One tattoo machine.
• One transparent plastic bag with sugar.
• Eighteen containers with home made wine.
• One Guinness bottle.
• Twenty two lighters
• Fifteen cellular phones without sim cards.
• A quantity of wires.
• Seven cellular phone batteries.
• One cannabis plant.
• One bottle pepper.
• One screwdriver.
• One vandalised landline phone.

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