Christmas 2020 presents the opportunity for togetherness – GAWU


See full statement from GAWU on the occasion of Christmas 2020:

The Christmas Season is one that is most eagerly anticipated. The season commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ who it is written laid down the fundamental tenets of Christianity. That religion which is embraced by a large section of the world’s people has survived many challenges espouses peace, empathy for the poor, and goodwill towards men. Today as Christmas is once again celebrated it is almost ironic that Christianity’s birthplace has been caught in the throes of conflict and violence.

Of course, we cannot fail to recognise, that this year’s Christmas Season has been unlike any in the recent past. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc globally and has significantly curtailed contemporary life. While mankind continues to face up to these challenges, we see too Christianity’s principles of piety, charity and assistance to the less fortunate shining through the dark clouds that have hovered over our world. This like the birth of Jesus Christ gives us hope that better days and times are ahead and that mankind confronted by adversity will not only rise but surmount the challenges in its way.

At the local level, Christmas has grown into a national observance with Guyanese from all walks of life participating. This, we hold, speaks to the tolerance and unity of our people which have been tested in recent times. Though challenges to national unity abound, we know that our people will not be led astray by those who seek to divide for their own ends. This Christmas Season sees greater optimism among the Guyanese people. Already several of their burdens have been lifted and efforts to lift them out of the hardships placed on them are continuing.  It is this hopefulness that is synonymous with the Christmas Season. And it reminds us that there is indeed light at the end of the dark tunnel. It reaffirms that the people’s struggles were not in vain, and they have won out in the end.

It is with such thoughts in mind that the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) extends greetings to the Christian community and all Guyanese as we celebrate Christmas 2020. The Christmas Season signals that the history-making 2020 is nearing an end. It also signals that better and brighter days are ahead as we see sustained efforts to advance development.

The celebration of Christmas 2020 embraced by so many, presents the opportunity for togetherness to prevail over selfishness, political high-handedness and set our nation on the path to harmony and strive to ensure that peace and goodwill among men and women prevail.

A joyful Christmas and a New Year of Hope from GAWU – to all Guyana!

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