IAC extends holiday greetings


IAC’s full Message for Christmas and Boxing Day 2020: 

The Indian Action Committee (IAC) wishes to extend Season’s Greetings to all the citizens of Guyana during this period which encompasses Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

The IAC is cognizant of the most serious fact that COVID-19 has been with us throughout the entire year of 2020 and, in the absence of vaccines here, remains a dangerous threat to the lives of the people of Guyana, especially the elderly and those who have underlying health conditions that make them susceptible to this disease; and the organization is exhorting all those persons, who intend to partake of the season’s festivities to maintain safety protocols.

The IAC wishes a Merry Christmas to all, especially those who are adherents of Christianity, and who are celebrating the birth of Jesus, considered by them to be the Messiah, a Jew born in the then Roman province of Judaea during the monarchy of King Herod, traditionally regarded as a murderer of babies, in his attempt to exterminate the baby Jesus who he regarded as a future threat to his throne.

The IAC recognizes, in light of historical research, that no scholar, religious or secular, knows when Jesus, whose existence is now being questioned, was born; and, it is now generally believed, that the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great deliberately replaced the worshipping of the old Roman deities with that of Christianity in order to consolidate his rule and to control his subjects under one God instead of many.

The IAC is calling upon all Guyanese to enjoy themselves in a safe manner and must not operate vehicles under the influence of alcohol which is commonly present during these festivities.

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day from the IAC.

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