65 prisoners released back in November had almost completed sentence – Prisons Director


More than a month after the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) released 65 non-violent offenders, the new (acting) Director of Prisons Nicklon Elliot is defending the decision.

In a statement on Tuesday, which was signed by Elliot, the Prison Service said it notes with some concern, attempts on social media by some persons to deliberately misconstrue and to cast aspersion on the act of the Special Remissions.

The statement sought to clarify that the Special Remission was granted as required under the Prison Act Chapter 11:01, the Laws of Guyana to deserving inmates based on the time served, good behaviour and rehabilitation.

“It should be noted too, that this special remission was delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of the Prison Service and, also, arising out of the impact of the Global COVID- 19 Pandemic,” the statement added.

The time remaining for the sentence served by these inmates was below three (3) months for all cases considered, the Prison Director clarified.

He said too that the offences for which the special remission was granted included 5 persons for major, nine for serious and 51 for minor.

The prison directorate used the opportunity to reiterate that the inmates were selected based on the time served in prison and are considered not likely to be of a risk to society.

Back in November, Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels said the decision was taken to provide more space for prisoners as the Prison Service implements the COVID-19 measures.


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