East Berbice Canje man dies after severely chopped


The police are investigating the alleged murder of a 58-year-old East Canje Berbice cattle farmer who succumbed to severe chop wounds. The incident occurred on Thursday at Wallace Street, East Canje.

Arjunan Andiappan called ‘Keks’ was reportedly chopped to the head by an East Canje man at 13:00h on Thursday and was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was treated and sent away. He later returned to the hospital after the wound continued bleeding profusely, he was then admitted and later died.

His sister, Tangachee Balgobin told the News Room Andiappan lives in Kalabash Creek located along the Canje River and traveled to the coast to spend the New Year.

The sister explained that around midday on Thursday, Andiappan visited her and collected some food and then proceeded to Wallace Street.

While on his way back he was involved in altercation with a male when he was chopped. The sister further explained that when she heard he was injured she out to find out what had occurred.

He was taken to the hospital and report was subsequently made at the Reliance Police Station.

“We came back home but the bleeding was heavy and I put to lie down and had to take him back again to the hospital again,” the sister explained.

The woman believes her brother would have lived if he was admitted on the first visit.

Meanwhile, the sister said while her brother is a habitual drinker, she is uncertain what may have led to death.

Police investigations are ongoing while two persons have since been arrested.

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