“New Year blessings”-Three New Year babies delivered at New Amsterdam Hospital


At 01:45hrs on January 1st 2021, Lisa Edwin ushered in the new year with the birth of a 4.6lb baby girl; that now makes her the proud mother of four children, all girls.

Edwin was the first of three mothers to give birth at the New Amsterdam Hospital on New Year’s Day 2021 and received hampers from the staff and administrators of the Health Services in Region 6.

The elated mother told the News Room that she was initially scheduled to complete her gestation period around the 25th of January 2021 but started experiencing labour pains in the late afternoon. Her ‘water broke’ a few hours later and she was admitted just before midnight on the December 31st 2020.

The 23-year-old from No.70 Village, East Berbice Corentyne explained that the birth occurred so quickly and unexpectedly that her other daughters at home were in disbelief until they saw the pictures of the little girl.

“This New Years surprise was so unexpected and quick; them girls after seeing her pictures now want me to hurry home so that they can be with her. They so excited them can’t wait and keep asking when me going home”

The second mother to give birth was 18-year-old Maria Ali of Cotton Tree village West Berbice, Region 5.

The first time mother has decided that either “Zara or Mayura” will be the name of her 6.4lb baby girl. Beaming with excitement, the young mother said the nurses and doctors took their time and guided her through the process so that the natural delivery was seamless.

“ This is very exciting to have a New Year baby. it’s a blessing and the perfect New Year’s gift”.

Meanwhile, another first time mother gave birth -the only boy among the three. Twenty-four-year old Tiana Karpen of Chesney Village said while it was unexpected to have given birth today since earlier on old years day, she was normal and just enjoying the day with family. Shortly after midnight she went into labour and was taken to the Hospital.

She gave birth at 12:54h to a baby boy weighing 5.3 lbs.

“I am happy I have my baby today. It’s beautiful gift to start the New year”.

Director of Regional Health Services Dr.Vishalya Sharma, Chief Executive Officer Michael Khan, Medical Superintendent, New Amsterdam Hospital Dr.Vasana Henry and other staff visited the mothers where they interacted and presented hampers to celebrate the New Year’ births.

Two other mothers are currently in labour and are expected to give birth later in the day.

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