Businessman, wife arrested after 9.3lbs ganja found on premises


Police have arrested a Crane, West Coast Demerara businessman and his wife after they were tipped off and found some 4,236 grams (9.3lbs) of ganja on their premises.

The search was conducted at about 05:30h on Sunday. Police said the search was carried out in front of the man and his wife.

During the search of the lower flat of the building a blue plastic barrel was opened and a black garbage bag containing three bulky transparent plastic parcels where discovered with leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.

(Photo: Guyana Police Force/January, 03, 2020)

According to the police the businessman was then told of the offence committed of which he replied “Is me weed don’t involve me family.”

A further search was then carried out at the back of the yard where a white container with a suspected cannabis plant about two and a half feet was found.

The police further stated that the businessman was yet again told of the offence and he stated again “Is me plant don’t involve me family.”

Police investigations are ongoing.

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  1. Matthew says

    Well he did the right thing in owning up…..but really this stuff should not be against the law.

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