UG ‘King of Studies’ football could be held in April


University of Guyana student, Jafar Gibbons, and his organising team are hoping they can be granted the necessary approval by the relevant authorities to host the third edition of the ‘King of Studies’ Football tournament in April.

The University is currently conducting online classes as against in-class sessions due to the pandemic.

According to Gibbons, apart from firstly getting all the necessary approval, depending on whether the institution decides to return to in-person tutoring will also depend on whether they host it at the Turkeyen campus.

“The University has not cleared the way for physical interaction as yet so we don’t want to start and the University has not given their consent as yet because we don’t want to put the lives of the students at risk so we will have to get the approval of the National COVID-19 Task Force as well,” he told News Room Sport on Monday.

“I am even eyeing using the National Gymnasium, hence why we have to wait for all these things to open up because what we want to do is keep it in a safe environment and controlled environment, compared to what it used to be at University which is kind of open.”

Tournament Organiser Jafar Gibbons

This year it will switch from the five-a-side and small goal format to a four-a-side, inclusive of a goal-keeper, with the larger goals. The fast-ball rule will continue which counts one goal as two when scored within the last two minutes of any half. The matches are five minutes per half.

Gibbons said the tournament usually caters for 150 student-athletes, who participate in the form of officials and players, and he hopes that the number can increase this year.

In some top universities, the participation in sport counts as a point towards to a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA), and Gibbons, who also holds the position as President of the University of Guyana Student Society, says it is something they can implement in the near future.

“Sports is not a hobby anymore, sport is actually a business and playing sports should count towards a GPA…it helps propel the University forward. I could remember a few years ago the University’s basketball team won a Caribbean championship and you don’t want to have all those efforts exhorted only for a trophy or medal, not saying those things are not good, but if you are going to represent the University, it should be represented in your formal profile.”

He added, “It is something we are looking to achieve down the line, it could be this year, it could be the following.”

He expressed thanks for the continued support of C&L Construction, Kashif and Shanghai Organisation, Robbie Rambarran, Guyana Football Federation, along with the University and its student body.

The prize money is expected to remain G$100,000 for first place, while second and third cop G$50,000 and G$25,000 respectively.

Ten percent of all winnings will go towards a project at the university by the teams.

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