City Hall to open bids for garbage collection on January 12


The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown in a statement on Tuesday revealed that there will be a reopening of the tender process for the collection of garbage and solid waste management. All bids will be open and closed on Tuesday January 12, 2021 at 9:00 hours.

Cevons Waste Management and Puran Brothers Disposal Inc currently have the contract to dispose of garbage in the city.

Mayor Ubraj Narine told the News Room that the Council last year submitted a plan to the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development to implement a reuse and recycle plan to deal with the solid waste issue. But according to Mayor Narine, there has been no acknowledgement or response to the plan from the government.

The Council believes that landfill will cause harm to the water, environment and diseases can also emerge from landfill.

Meanwhile, in September 2019 a $45M garbage truck was handed over to the Council by the then Ministry of Communities to assist with the disposal of garbage in the city.

Additionally, in 2015, the Council was given four waste compactor trucks.

A Solid Waste Management Committee was also established in 2019 to address the concerns and matters relating to solid waste in the city.

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