Health care workers continuously trained for pandemic response


Nurses and doctors who are working directly with COVID-19 patients in Guyana are continuously trained and upgraded according to the latest guidelines and treatment of COVID-19, Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, said Tuesday.

“The treatment guidelines have been evolving as we learn more about how the medication works and at what stage it is more appropriate. So as we get this type of information we update our guidelines and then we work to update our medical staff.

“We have also been looking at how we can upgrade staff to get a better understanding of issues relating to COVID-19,” the Health Minister said.

The Minister explained that while there is no official programme to train the health workers, one can be designed and developed. But for now, the Ministry has been rolling out countrywide training on infection control practices. Virtual training sessions with doctors involved in COVID-19 management is also being done.

“Even if UG doesn’t have the programme we will design it once we see there is a need,” the Minister said.
What the ministry has been doing also is training health workers at institutions across the country to teach other health workers on infection control practices.

Another important area that will be focused on for this year is the administering of treatment to COVID-19 patients. The Minister explained that ventilators and other COVID-19 medical equipment were deployed at all regional hospitals.

“So they have the machines but if they don’t have the ‘know-how’ on how to use the machine then that becomes a problem so that is why it is important that we train the doctors and nurses.”

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