Mayor Narine threatens to ‘send City Engineer home’


Mayor of Georgetown Ubraj Narine is threatening to fire the City Engineer, Colvern Venture by the end of the year for ‘embarrassing’ the City Council.

Narine and Venture have long face many challenges regarding the execution of duties at the level of the Council. The Mayor has also accused Venture of corruption and poor management of the City Engineering Department.

Narine during a press conference on Friday at City Hall in Georgetown stated, “The engineer Mr Colvern Venture has embarrassed us not only now, but since 2019 when I took office. The engineer continues to embarrass this Council and I will not take it this year. I will find some way to send Mr Colvern Venture home before the year out.”

According to Narine, Venture is still on the job because he “have people that can protect him.”

However, the Mayor said he is not afraid to go out into the streets with placards and protest any employee of the Council for their wrongdoings.

“I will not stick any nonsense with any officers or any minister of government for the nonsense they currently going on with,” Narine said.

He said he is ready to fight for democracy and represent the people of Georgetown. The Mayor’s comments come after criticisms of works done by the Council by Ministers Juan Edghill and Nigel Dharamlall.

Mayor Narine said the Council had written the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development for the sharing of projects and documents relating to developmental works in the city. However, there has been no response from the Ministry.

“We still await on those documents, no document was submitted.”

But the Mayor explained that they learnt from an engineer attached to the Ministry that the documents cannot be shared with the Council.

“We must know as the City Council, we must know to have to report to our constituencies and our people out there,” the Mayor said.

Further he accused the Ministry of operating in a very ‘shady manner’ and urged the government to ‘stop playing politics’ and work together for the development of the city.

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