Vendors preventing development in Mabaruma – Mayor


Vendors illegally occupying the water front area in Mabaruma, Region One are refusing to relocate, Mayor Chris Phang told the News Room on Monday.

According to the Mayor, the vendors’ refusal to relocate is stymieing developmental works in the Town. The waterfront area, where some 40 vendors are currently occupying is slated for developmental works – a car park and boardwalk.

The vendors staged a protest at the weekend after a final warning letter was issued for them to remove from the area. The Mayor said if they do no relocate, the Council will be taking legal action.

The Mabaruma water front

The letter seen by the News Room reads: “As mentioned in the previous letter where it was stated that Council will take the necessary legal action against and use all Authority vested in the Mayor and Town Council under Chapter 28:01 to have your illegal structure “demolished” if you fail to occupy your stall within three days of receiving this notice.”

The News Room understands that the Council built a secure location for the vendors to relocate and have served numerous notices but they continue to refuse to move. The vendors have claimed that due to the Christmas and New Year holidays that they were unable to build their stalls at the new location and have also demanded that in front of the tarmac be fixed and that there be installation of washroom facilities and lights.

Mayor of Mabaruma, Chirs Phang

Mayor Phang explained that washroom facilities have since been installed and the Council is currently working to fix the tarmac. Additionally, the Council will be providing security to the vendors. He further stated that the area where they are illegally occupying have no security and no washroom facilities.

“…they just came there and erected tents and stalls and so on. They have to sleep in tents and so on just to secure their goods but we promise them once they go into the tarmac which is secured and fenced and it has gates, we would install security also and they are refusing.

“These vendors it doesn’t look as they want to move. They claiming that they need this and need that but nobody is going to their stalls to build anything,” the Mayor explained.

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