Driver injured after jumping into burning fuel truck


A 40-year-old man is nursing burns to his hand after two trucks, which were discharging fuel, burst into flames at Parika Salem First Koker, on the East Bank of Essequibo (EBE) on Tuesday.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that Zahir Villa of Tuschen, EBE, jumped into the cabin of one of the trucks to switch off the engine during the fire when he received the injuries.

A firefighter at the scene on Tuesday

According to the police release, the two trucks, which are owned by Nazir Khan, a 39-year-old businessman of Tuschen, were discharging the fuel, when one of the drivers, Ramsharan Dean, 38, saw smoke emanating from behind his cabin.

The fire quickly spread to the other truck, which was being driven by Villa. The fire was subsequently extinguished by firefighters. The cause of the fire is not yet known; investigations are ongoing.

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